Arthur Elgort

Birthdate: June 8, 1940. 

Education: Arthur’s first interest is in painting, which he studies at Hunter College, before leaving this too-solitary art-form behind for photography. A single shot is enough that the doors of Vogue open to him, remaining open for the next 35 years... 

Aesthetic : With his models at play in natural environments, Arthur revolutionizes fashion photography. Shooting outside, in the places where clothes are actually worn, becomes his signature style.

Influences: Music and dance – in particular ballet and jazz – and the streets of New York play a major role in his work.

Currently: After having recently worked for Roland Garros and Elle magazine, Arthur is focused on his new book of photographs, Ballet. See the exhibition The Big Picture from September 28 until November 5, 2016 at colette, 213 rue St. Honoré, in Paris’ 1st arrondissement. 

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