Fashion, Jazz, Ballet par Arthur Elgort, colette, Paris

The unique Parisian concept store colette will exhibit from September 26 to November 5 the work of American photographer Arthur Elgort for Paris Fashion Week. During this compelling exhibition, which covers 45 years of work, Elgort will focus on three of his main hobbies: fashion, jazz and ballet. 

Since he began at Vogue in the 1970s, he took risks with his models and photos changed the industry and the ideas of what fashion photography was. The models he chose were lively, wore less make-up, and only enhanced the natural light that he favored. Taking his models outside into the real world, where the looks he was shooting would really be worn and put to the test, became a signature of his personal style.

“Taking pictures is what I love and I like my subjects to be varied, a little bit of everything – fashion, jazz, ballet, my kids, landscapes, and even “street” photography. I never want my work to be stuck in one category. Fashion might be what sells, but a girl on a subway could be fashion, a jazz musician in a club could be fashion, and a ballerina at the barre could be too. I’ve always liked to integrate all of my interests into my photos and I think that’s reflected in this exhibit of nearly 45 years of my work.”

Photos credits : colette


Fashion, Jazz, Ballet 


From September 26 to November 5

213, rue Saint-Honoré

75001 Paris 

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