Print N°24 - 2: Tom Johnson

Victoria And The Dragons, 2016, pigment print of Tom Johnson, size 18x24cm, 750 numbered copies in Wombat N°24.

Several of Tom’s series, working with stylist Charlotte James, mix fashion and documentairy. “We always start with our subject, meeting with them and collaboratively building the project around them. Fashion helps me create imagery – which I can’t do with documentary. But the lines between the genres are becoming blurred.” After creating images featuring the individuals of her Welsh hometown Merthyr Tydfil, a former mining town, Charlotte tracked down Victoria Perkins, discovered after a local paper featured her in an article. In Swansea, Wales, the 12-year-old kickboxing champion, also known as Tigger, was photographed in the Western Dragons Martial Arts Club run by her parents. 

Print made on Fine Art Hahnumühle paper. Photo Rag Ultra Smooth 305 gsm.

To receive this numbered print, order Wombat N°24.

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