Buttons - Wombat - The Photography and Art Box
Buttons - Wombat - The Photography and Art Box

Ransom Ashley


At first glance, the close-up view of this bodice is disturbing. The buttons ready to pop and the slight diagonal suggest an apprehension of the body. « This shot Buttons, like many of my images which depict a fragment of something to be projected on by the observer, exists as a narrative about the exploration of one’s identity and emotions.”

“When Visceral.8 Magazine commissioned a shot for the “ZOOM” Issue, I decided to focus on an ambiguous narrative of sexuality and violence, leaving much of the story out of frame to maximize individual elements and minimize the information available to construct a story. I became fascinated with this idea because of my own experience of people making up their mind about me, having known very little of who I was. I feel that this way of working, leaving the bulk of the story outside of the frame, was my way to explore the way I felt I was looked at for much of my life.”

Printed by the Processus laboratory on Hahnemühle art paper, photo pearl.

Print available exclusively in the Wombat box No. 34.

Limited edition: 300 numbered copies.