Egypte, pyramides de Gizeh, 1974 - Wombat - The Photography and Art Box

Egypt, Giza Pyramids, 1974

On June 13th, 1974, when this picture was taken, the American President Richard Nixon was in Egypt on an official visit. While taking the train to Alexandria, he stopped o to visit the site of the Giza pyramids accompanied by (from left to right): his wife Patricia Nixon, Madame Sadat, and the Egyptian President Anwar El Sadat.

“You must not come at it like a bulldozer,” when photographing a celebrity, Burri used to say. Indeed, his approach is spontaneous, almost informal. The four key protagonists are smiling broadly without looking directly at the camera. The people around them are posing naturally, yet their intersecting gazes and poses seem almost choreographed.

No less famous than the Nixons and the Sadats, the pyramids of Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure are grouped in the background. We recognize Burri’s passion for these ancient buildings, that he himself had discovered in 1958 on a previous trip to Egypt. They became an obsession that would never leave him. He drew them, stuck them into notebooks, collected them, photographed them consciously or unconsciously, and hunted them down to the four corners of the world.

Printed by the Processus laboratory on Hahnemühle art paper, photo pearl.

Print available exclusively in the Wombat box No. 35.

Limited edition: 500 numbered copies.