Eve 3882 - Diptyque - Wombat - The Photography and Art Box
Eve 3882 - Diptyque - Wombat - The Photography and Art Box

Sacha Goldberger

Eve 3882 - Diptyque

Photographic print of Sacha Goldberger by laboratory Processus, size 18x24cm, silver process on high gloss paper, 750 numbered copies.

EVE 3882 is one of the 16 diptychs of the Secret Eden series.

Secret Eden is an erotic series of several periods; it comprises over 80 photographs, including 16 diptychs associated with portrait galleries. Each features a par- ticular setting known for its decor: places borrowed from history, each selected with special care.

“For the EVE 3882 diptych, I chose the Communist Party headquarters at place du Colonel Fabien in Paris. This building of Oscar Niemeyer’s is both futuristic and very 1970s, and serves as the backdrop for this story. As well, for all photographers or film directors, which my work resembles more and more, light plays a fundamental role in the dramatic quality of the images. While with Hopper, we imagine what happens before and after the scene, I wanted the viewer to imagine what happens at the instant we say “action”. Everyone can give free rein to his or her imagination.” Sacha Goldberger

Print sold inside Wombat N°26 included.