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An authentic numbered photographic print made under the supervision of the artist.

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Benjamin G.

" DELIGHTFUL MOMENT! I love Wombat's concept; I was impressed by the delicate packaging and the high quality of each print. The handwriting note with an extra print made the experience even more special. Awesome job, guys!"

Phil S.

"AMAZING! Simply put: I am blown away. Everything is stunning. From the packaging and presentation to the quality of the prints. Jack Davison is an amazing photographer but Wombat is equally amazing in executing these art boxes."


"JR BOX NO. 37. The Box was overall an amazing experience. I could feel how much love and dedication was put into it. You're doing a fantastic job Wombat, keep it up. I'm looking forward getting more of these beautiful boxes."

Tobias N.

" AMAZING QUALITY. The quality of the art box is outstanding. It includes collectible prints and it is something to be experienced. The packaging is second to none and takes you on a beautiful journey through the artist's body of work. 5/5"."

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