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Wombat No. 33: William Klein

Polka Gallery had warned us, “When you work with William, there’s always a before and an after.”

In 2015, we had put a lot of work into a new visual identity, and had already presented two Wombat boxes in its new landscape format. Then came our first collaboration with William Klein (Wombat No.16). In the space of a morning, William rewrote the rules, chose his cover and made us return to the portrait format. This sharp reversal was a success and turned out to be one of the biggest of these last few years. Had William guessed how it would turn out? His motto is now ours too: “ Anything goes. No rules, no limits, no holding back. ” 

Paying tribute to his impact, we have dedicated Wombat No. 33 to William Klein created in collaboration with the artist, the Polka Galerie team and the William Klein studio. 

Each Wombat box is handcrafted, numbered, stamp-dated in our studio in Paris. The photographic prints are made by Processus, a professional laboratory.

2 covers collector. Limited edition of 1000 copies. If you are a Wombat subscriber, you will automatically receive your copy.