The Wombat box No. 32 is dedicated to Camera Work, "one of the most beautiful photographic magazine" published between 1903 and 1917 by Alfred Stieglitz. 

The period from the end of the 19th to the start of the 20th century marked the beginning of the appearance of photomechanical prints on high quality paper. This is the context in which the American photographer and art dealer Alfred Stieglitz (1864-1946) launched the quarterly Camera Work. From 1903 to 1917, this luxurious and refined journal helped gain recognition for photography as a separate art form, while highlighting the work of the artist-editor. 

More than 100 years later, Wombat pays tribute to Camera Work by affirming common values: offering a new publishing concept with authentic photographic prints, the exclusive use of handcrafted processes with the best available papers and materials, and the pursuit of excellence.

The Wombat box No. 32 contains one Camera Work portfolio composed of 10 images, and two numbered photographic prints: Portrait of Miss.N, 1903 by Gertrude Käsabier, from the first issue of Camera Work, and Blind Woman, 1916 by Paul Strand, from the last issue of Camera Work.

Each Wombat box is dated, numbered and handcrafted in our studio. Our prints are made by professional laboratory Processus.

Limited edition of 500 copies. If you are a Wombat subscriber, you will automatically receive your copy.