Rocky Graziano showering, 1950 - Wombat - The Photography and Art Box
Rocky Graziano showering, 1950 - Wombat - The Photography and Art Box

Stanley Kubrick

Rocky Graziano showering, 1950

This photograph of Rocky Graziano was originally an outtake from Stanley Kubrick’s Look magazine assignment, “Rocky Graziano: He’s a Good Boy Now.” Published on February 14, 1950, the article states that as a child he was, “an underprivileged New York Eastsider. Rocky grew up throwing rocks at cops.” Graziano lost his boxing license in New York State after failing to report a bribery attempt. This article focused on his redemption from his troubled past. Photographed in a similar style to Kubrick’s earlier profile of Walter Cartier in “Prizefighter” (published January 18, 1949), we see Graziano presented as both a businessman and a happy family man. Kubrick’s photographs captured the boxer at home, with his manager, and at the gym preparing for a fight to regain his middleweight championship. The assignment itself was created during Kubrick’s last year at Look, around the same time he would have begun work on his first independently produced documentary, Day of the Fight.

This photograph, likely taken after Graziano’s training session, captures the boxer’s direct gaze creating a charged, yet intimate moment. The nudity likely precluded this image from publication in the pages of Look, yet it is undeniably one of Kubrick most penetrating and revealing images.

Numbered photographic print. Size 24 x 30cm. 1000 copies. Made by Processus laboratory on Hahnemühle fine art paper.

This print is delivered in its complete box set: Wombat No. 38.