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Les Ateliers Wombat do not select their artists according to gender. However, it is clear that many of them are women.

The Wombat artist box 21 presents the highly creative and inspiring worlds of Maisie Cousins, Leslie David and Nadia Lee Cohen. 

The Wombat artist box 28, Immersion, produced in partnership with Magnum Photos on the occasion of its 70th anniversary, presents the work of 12 women photographers and members of the agency.

Also, the most introspective works (published in the Wombat boxes) are by women artists. We will remember Alix Cléo Roubaud's incredible portfolio as a woman in love, or Wombat artist box 43 of  Diana Markosian , which describes the reconstruction of a father-daughter relationship through a poetic and tragic journey.

Other artists boxes, made by men, try to give a different image of women, far from the stereotypes of society.

The Wombat artist box 31 Femmes du Monde, produced in partnership with the Polka gallery, honours women from all over the world. This boxed set was produced on the occasion of the gallery's 10th anniversary with the artists:

Jacob Aue Sobol, Stanley Greene, Marc Riboud and Sebastião Salgado.

Catherine Chaine, Marc Riboud's wife, expresses her husband's approach through his photographs. "It is perhaps Marc's signature that he always tries to show the grace of women first. There is this unknown woman photographed at the Independence Ball in Nigeria in the 1960s. There is the woman in Beijing who walks down the street in an aristocratic dress... She scorns the crowd of people in Mao suits walking around her."

Since 2013, Les Ateliers Wombat have published artworks from 47 women artists throughout 46 Wombat Boxes! Therefore, we would like to express our deepest gratitude to these 47 extraordinary minds.

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