Worldwide delivery

To see the world another way

Wombat is an art subscription unlike any other.

Every two months, we create one Photography and Art box with artists with whom we share the same values

We communicate inspiring messages through art, and we share different views of the world.

Each Wombat box is handcrafted in our Parisian studio and shipped worldwide to art lovers.

The message is in the box.


Subscribe to Wombat
and collect authentic photographic prints from both emerging and internationally reknown artists. All our prints are hand-numbered in limited edition and made by a professional laboratory under the supervision of the artists.

Receive 1 Wombat box every 2 months with inside:

Each Wombat box comes with its certificate of authenticity. Texts are written in both French and English.


Our 4 commitments

  1. To make you one exceptional art box.
  2. To present you talented artists.
  3. To offer you limited editions artworks.
  4.  To guarantee you high quality prints made by a professional photographic laboratory.