Maison Paulette

Les Ateliers d’art Wombat are taking part in the transition to a Post-Carbon World by creating: Maison Paulette, a grocery store, canteen and open-air café, located 30 kms outside Paris.

Maison Paulette

A publishing house opening a grocery store may you surprise at first! However all companies, small or large, have a huge responsibility in the energy transition that our society must undertake. Opening such a place is a solution to create a solidarity network, to gain autonomy, and to reduce one's carbon footprint.

"At Wombat, our goal is to become one of the first publishing house with a positive impact. Therefore, we have rethought everything: our mission, our objectives, our artistic direction, our production tool, our distribution method and... our workplace! »

In concrete terms, Les Ateliers d’art Wombat will continue to publish the committed work of emerging and internationally renowned artists (JR, Liu Bolin...). And Maison Paulette will respond to the basic needs of its collaborators, artists, families, children, neighbors, villagers, partners, suppliers... Namely: drinking, eating, sleeping, meeting, working, exhibiting, exchanging, gardening...

« After twenty years in Paris, we have decided to move our workshops into our family home at Mesnil St Denis (78) to develop a local and solidarity network in line with our values but also in order to move towards more autonomy as a company. After our permaculture vegetable garden, we will open a grocery store in September 2022, in partnership with five local farms. The past is the future. And the future is now."- Laurent Sancier - Funder of Les Ateliers d’art Wombat.

Maison Paulette, épicerie, guinguetteMaison Paulette - 16, rue Raymond Berrurier - 78320 Le Mesnil St Denis