Treasure hunt: Théâtre de la Ville Paris x Wombat

The Théâtre de la Ville of Paris calls up all the cultures, all the initiatives, all the faces, new or past, all the publics, experts or not, young or less young, close or far away. All the circles. This is a real pleasure to annonce you that your are wanted!

To star our new partnership with Théâtre de la Ville of Paris, we organise one first "treasure hunt" with invitations for two shows (December 15th and 29th) hidden in the Wombat Packs.

  • Gianina Carbunariu: Saturday 15th of December at 8pm (20 invitations to win),
  • Hofesh Shechter: Saturday 29th of December at 8pm (10 invitations to win),

We highly recommend you to discover Théâtre de la ville of Paris' website. If you haven't subscribe to Wombat yet, you can get a free Wombat Packs in one of Paris' hotspots: Processus Photo, Artazart, OFR, l'école Duperré...


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