The 1st of May is the international workers' day.

On this day we are thinking of all the people who make artist's books. We are also thinking of our Wombat Artist Box 32 which is a tribute to the cult art publication 'Camera Work' and the amazing edition and craft work accomplished by his author Alfred Stieglitz between 1903 et 1917.

Camera Work is a refined and luxurious magazine from the beginning of the 20th century which allowed the recognition of photography as an art in its own right.
Camera Work, it's also a handmade craft with the best possible paper and materials, the primacy of the quality of the content and the will to create a new publishing concept with exceptional prints.

Les Ateliers Wombat share the same values than Camera Work. Here is our manifesto: See the world differently. Increase awareness through the power of art. Publish artists with a social conscience. Offer a contemporary art subscription that is itself one-of-a-kind. Push the boundaries of art publishing. Compile a treasure trove of art to collect. 

Celebrating May 1st is also celebrating the reason of our work.

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