Interview Katja Kremenic

Interview Katja Kremenic

(Interview et textes en anglais)

What is your date of birth?

I was born on November 23rd and I'm a Sagittarius all over. 

Where do you come from? Where do you live? Is the city you live in has an influence on your photography?

I’m a Croatian photographer at the moment based between Berlin and Adriatic coast.
I grew up on an island in Croatia and I've been in Berlin for the last couple of years constantly and now I'm balancing it with life and work on CI grew up on the island and somehow inherited a strong affinity for worm places,  the sun, the beach, exploration, road trips and and freedom.

What is your educational background? Are you a self-taught photographer?

I've studied media and communication studies in Ljubljana, Slovenia.  
I was always drown by the urge to create and focused more on visual aspect of communicative but I've never formally enrolled in a photography course so I'm a self-taught except for the help and advices I got for so many great photographers I've met over the years.  


Why do you take pictures?  

Because I believe I'm good at it and it makes me feel good doing it. I also enjoy scouting locations and executing an idea from start to finish. Love collaborating with brands that love the adventure and contributing to fashion, lifestyle and adventure magazines.


What are your influences?

Great people that live great and truthful lives, no matter if they are artists or not. 


Do you shoot on film cameras ? Why not digital ?

I started with the digital actually, then I got completely overwhelmed by the aesthetics and the possibilities of analog that I've completely ignored digital for some time. Now I shoot mostly analog, except for some client and studio work where they insist with digital.
I believe film brings trust and intimacy and oftentimes that cinematic, storytelling look into my work.


We love your intimate portraits, nudes, landscapes… Can you tell us more about your creative process?

This might sound very cliche, but I love beautiful people in beautiful scenery.
I love the feeling I get when hanging out with a person I only met minutes ago but can already connect on more personal level. I'm very much drawn to certain kind of energy whether it is from someone or somewhere. I love finding myself in the middle of the landscape I never seen before. If I do a self portrait it is mostly under this conditions, that tend to leave me speechless.

What are your current and next projects ?

Portrait wise, I'm working on a book for quite some time now and I'm taking it slowly so it will take me quite some time more to finish it. 
I'm having the busiest spring ever, shooting campaigns and lookbooks for some wonderful brands on the perfect summer location and not having time to even enjoy the beach and the sun for my self. I'm impatiently looking forward the real vocation this summer when I plan to focus more on my own personal adventures and of course document that with the camera, too. 

Thank you Katja xxx


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