No 28 - Print 1 : Alessandra Sanguinetti

Special edition Magnum Photos 70th anniversary.

Ruby. Photographic print of Alessandra Sanguinetti made by Laboratory Processus on Hahnemühle fine art paper, size 18x24cm, 700 copies stamped and numbered exclusively in Wombat N°28. 

“Children are fascinating... As a society, we project so much of our hopes, frustrations, denials, and aspirations on children, and they are so transparent in how they re ect everything that is thrust upon them. How could I not pho- tograph them?”. Ruby is part of a project entitled Sorry, Welcome, a book about family life. 

L1010011_c360e283-aceb-48a4-bf42-71a009812a28.jpgTo receive this numbered print, order Wombat N°28.

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