No 29 - Print 1: Paul Rousteau

Bouquet of Flowers, numbered photographic print of Paul Rousteau, size 18 x 24cm, 500 copies, exclusively in Wombat N°29.

In pursuit of his desire to bring forth “subtle worlds”, Paul Rousteau uses the still life genre to deliver his dreamy, delicate vision. “All genres, whether landscape, still life or portraits provide rich subject matter – in photography as much as in painting. And all these themes allow me to approach the world in a personal way. I chose these owers because I really appreciate them and photograph them often. But they could as easily have been another subject, because I love them all.”

Even if he works essentially with natural e ects, he prefers to leave a certain amount of mystery around his technical and creative processes. “ The story behind this image is at the end of the day, quite simple. I went to the orist, I carefully chose a bouquet, then I took it back to the studio to take pictures of it. I particularly like the whirl of colours.” 

Print made by laboratory Processus.

To receive this numbered photographic print, order Wombat N°29.

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