No 29 - Print 2: Paul Rousteau

A couple of Budgies, numbered photographic print of Paul Rousteau, size 18 x 24cm, 500 copies, exclusively in Wombat N°29.

Paul Rousteau explores all genres with an easy, refined touch. He creates images which each in turn reveal his penchant for painting, and his aim to “make visible the invisible.” This picture of two budgies clearly shows this singular approach. On the frontier between animal photography and a drawing in pastels, Paul Rousteau composes a portrait of these two birds whose feathers appear to have been painted.

A bird lover, and an admirer of their plumage, he rented these two budgies in order to capture them on film. “I chose these birds as a subject because of their beauty and their vibrant colours. If God really did create the world, he must have been an excellent colorist,” he confides. “ This image symbolizes a kind of softness, and the interior world. Many of us live in couples, advancing side by side in life. Despite the degree of mutual communion that we can achieve, we often remain alone in our minds. is image is quite illustrative of my work. In fact, I often show joy, gentleness, spirituality... and melancholy.” 

Print made by laboratory Processus.

To receive this numbered photographic print, order Wombat N°29.

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