No. 33 - Print 2: William Klein

"Mister Coney Island", Brooklyn, 2013, William Klein. Numbered photographic print exclusively in Wombat No. 33.

  • 1000 numbered copies in the standard box edition (size 18 x 24 cm),
  • 100 numbered copies in the signed box edition (size 18 x 24 cm).

Printed by the Processus lab on Hahnemühle fine art paper.

This print is part of a recent 2013 series shot in the streets of Brooklyn, located south- west of the island of Manhattan, one of the five boroughs of New York. More than sixty years separate this series from that taken in 1954 on Vogue’s request. One major di erence is obvious: the use of vibrant, saturated colour.

If the subjects have evolved since the 1950s, we recognise Klein’s particular attention to the exuberance and cheekiness of New Yorkers’ daily life. Day and night, over several weeks, William Klein prowled the streets, beaches, shops, courts and police stations of Coney Island and Brighton. Guided by his motto: “Anything goes. No rules, no limits, no holding back,” William Klein pursues his freely objective documentary approach with a certain boldness of framing, almost incongruous, and his relevant social stance.

Printed by the Processus laboratory on Hahnemühle art paper, Photo Rag Baryta 315g.

To receive this numbered photographic print, order Wombat No. 33.

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