Portfolio No 28: Magnum Photos 70th anniversary

Immersion, special edition portfolio for the occasion of Magnum Photos 70th anniversary,  composed of 12 images, exclusively in Wombat N°28.

"This selection of photographs, put together by the current female members of Magnum Photos, encapsulates their particular, individual, points of view, while sharing a sense of connection with the sitters, no matter how fleeting.

In the aftermath of the Second World War, photojournalism sought to unders- tand our shared humanity. is is the world Eve Arnold entered when becoming one of the rst female members of Magnum in 1954. Taken in that year, while on assignment, Arnold’s Bar Girl captures a moment of self-absorption, where her sitter is seemingly unaware of the camera.

Susan Meiselas has thoughtfully navigated the balance of power between photographer and subject throughout her career. Her committed documentary on Carnival Strippers gave voice to the main protagonists in a space normally rigidly gender divided.

For Bieke Depoorter, one of Magnum’s newest members, the act of photographing is a surrendering to chance. Invited into private domestic environments she captures the moments before sleep, when normal social barriers fall away.

The process behind these images is diverse but the instinct of these photographers for putting themselves in the moment creates photographic alchemy: images with a psychological intensity that transcends their context.

Sophie Wright

Global Cultural Director of Magnum Photos 

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