Livraison offerte (France & Belgique)

Rough Trade x Wombat

Renowned London based record label established in 1978, Rough Trade, and Sonos, the American sound system company, celebrate together The Record Store Day, Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd of April 2018 at the Sonos House in Paris.

We are invited to present a rare selection of our boxes, portfolios and art prints in link with the music universe. 

Wombat will spend the Sunday afternoon to unveil its art creations and to play good music.Please come and say hello to us. We are upstairs, 1st floor, next to the bathroom. 

Careful the weekend will be full of surprises: Concerts, performances, conferences and more... 


Maison Sonos
21 rue de Clichy 
75009 Paris

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