Gregory Halpern

Gregory Halpern is an American photographer, born in 1977 in Buffalo, New York, a place that is still a source of inspiration for him today. He was just 14 years old when his father brought home Milton Rogovin’s book of photos, Triptychs. Practically unknown even into his eighties, Rogovin photographed his neighbors in Halpern’s
home town of Buffalo. Stylistically modest, yet incredibly powerful, the pictures were the first work of visual art to move young Gregory to tears. This moment marked the beginning of a colorful multi-disciplinary career.

Gregory Halpern has published five photography books, including Omaha Sketchbook (MACK, 2019) and ZZYZX (MACK, 2016) from which some of the images in this portfolio are taken. ZZYZX brings together a series of pictures taken en route from the California desert to the Pacific coast, via Los Angeles. The work invents neither place nor people, yet somehow Gregory Halpern integrates elements of great fiction and imagination. He likens his creative process to a kind of “fumbling towards clarity,” that may begin with a fully-fledged idea, but is often based on a mere hunch.

Discover Gregory Halpern's Wombat Art Box: Wombat No. 40.

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