Jack Davison

Birthdate: 29 December 1990, Cambridge, England.

Education: Aged 15 Jack Davison starting taking pictures of the people around him in his home town in the Essex countryside, in South-West England. An autodidact, his first encounter with photography was on the Internet, where he trained himself by looking at the photos he discovered on line. Well-known sites like Flickr enabled him to share his inspirations and to communicate with other photographers like Brett Walker, his mentor. His experience is firmly anchored in the practices of online communities. Davison also studied English literature at Warwick University.

Aesthetic: Experimentation is an integral part of Davison’s work. Instinctive and audacious, his pictures challenge aesthetic and genre rules, from animal photography to still life, from fashion portraits to abstract compositions worthy of surrealistic painters. While he’s more comfortable with black and white, Davison also handles saturated colour with aplomb.

Inspiration: Generally speaking, the world that surrounds him. Included in that world is Salvador Dalí, Pablo Picasso, modernist photography, Man Ray, Irving Penn, August Sanders, Vivian Maier, Walker Evans, Mark Michaelson’s book Least Wanted, found images, or his collection of old forgotten family photographs.

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