Kourtney Roy

Born in 1981 to a lumberjack father and a secretary mother, Kourtney Roy grew up in the vastness and solitude of Canada's snowy immensities. Sublime but threatening landscapes where, as a child, it is easy to get lost. After studying at the Vancouver Art School, where she dreamed of being a painter, she discovered photography, which "through its fantastic potential, suggested a more troubled reality behind the smooth façade of appearances.

Touched by the morbid genius of Joel-Peter Witkin, her first series depict wild animals found dead in the wild or stuffed by man. Her apprenticeship in fashion photography, following in the footsteps of Guy Bourdin and his obsessive and phantasmagorical stagings, opened up an unlimited field for her.
Self-portrait, autofiction, Kourtney Roy becomes the unique character of an inner theatre and its spells. Her body, artificially placed in a natural setting, lends itself to all sorts of enigmas, to a thousand and one disguised and falsified lives.
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