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Maud Chalard

Birthdate: 24 December 1989
Education: Pursuing an interest in advertising, Maud got a French BTS in visual communication then a diploma in design and strategic communication before joining agency BETC. Feeling "stuck and artistically frustrated," she decided to leave everything, hit the road and make a living from what she loves.

Aesthetic: Often described as sensitive, her work captures moments in life, instants of intimacy and gentleness. The majority of her pictures are done using a film camera and natural light. "I'm really reliant on it, and I'm learning to work with it every day."
: Films with an aesthetic like that of Terrence Malick or "with cowboys and old American houses," folk, rock and country music, the work of photographers Mike Brodie, Alec Soth, Guy Aroch, Ronan Guillou and others.

Currently: The wedding of Elise in Sweden then Les Rencontres Photographiques d'Arles, to show Joe's Road during a major exhibition and finally, another trip to the USA and Canada in October "to capture the colours of Autumn this time!"

Discover Maud Chalard's print for Wombat N°23.

Credit photo : Théo Gosselin

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