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Thomas Mailaender

Credit photo : Thomas Mailaender - Gone Fishing

Birthdate: 1 November 1979

Education: An artist and photographer, Thomas Mailaender studied photography at the Ecole des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. As well as showing in France and abroad, he teaches regularly at the l’Ecole Cantonale d’Art in Lausanne.

Aesthetic: Thomas Mailaender collects images produced by amateurs found on the Internet or at flea markets. Bizarre, crude or poetic, they all share a sociological dimension. The artist keeps them and organises them before reappropriating them – through recutting, drawing, playing with size or inlays, or putting them in new contexts – giving them new meaning and redefining their status as artworks.

Influences: Mike Kelley for his way of reusing objects, and Sigmar Polke for his treatment of social realism. 

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