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Tish Murtha

Tish Murtha © Ella Murtha, All rights reserved. 

Patricia Anne "Tish" Murtha (March 14, 1956 – March 13, 2013)

Education: Tish leaves school at 16. She works a series of casual jobs before discovering photography by enrolling on a night class. Her teacher encourages her to apply to the Documentary Photography program in Newport, Wales, founded by Magnum photographer David Hum, and helps her to obtain a scholarship.

Aesthetic: With her diploma under her belt, she returns to North East England, where she grew up in council housing with her nine brothers and sisters. She intends to use her talent to highlight the social difficulties that her community is facing under Thatcher.

Influences: Tish is friends with Chris Killip, a photographer from the Isle of Man, and admires the work of Josef Koudelka, a Czech photographer and member of the Magnum agency.

Currently: Tish’s daughter Ella and her cousin David are working hard to bring attention to Tish’s work, which was largely forgotten moving into the digital age. Together they have created a website and are currently scanning Tish’s complete archive, comprising several thousand negatives.

Discover Tish Murtha's portfolio in Wombat N°24.

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