Lorna, Islande, 2018 - Wombat - The Photography and Art Box

Betina du Toit

Lorna, Iceland, 2018

This print, entitled “Lorna” after the name of its subject, was taken in Iceland in November, 2018. After a visit to the country in 2014, Betina was haunted by a vision of a shot in the ethereal blue waters of the Icelandic lagoon. So, a few years later, she returned in order to make it a reality.

Print size: 24 x 30cm. 500 numbered copies. One signed ediution of 50 copies is available. Made by Parisian laboratory Processus on fine art Hahnemühle paper.

Print available in its full box set: Wombat No. 39: Wombat No. 39.