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Fanny Latour-Lambert


Photographic print of Fanny Latour-Lambert, size 18 x 24 cm, 350 numbered and signed copies.

“This picture comes from me wanting to train myself at capturing movement. I went to the Jardin des Tuileries with a model dressed in red, to contrast with the blue-green palette there, then I asked her to spin around without stopping, eyes closed. I love creating images that are really natural and spontaneous, and I knew that in conditions like that, neither the pose nor the expression would look forced: by concentrating on not falling over, she wouldn’t be thinking about posing!

All my pictures are very instinctive: I work with natural light, with a digital camera, then I look at the results of a shoot and at a glance I stop on a picture that makes me feel something. From there, I don’t question it – I choose that one. I then get very different feedback – the same picture makes people feel really differently according to their sensibility, their mood or their experience.

I find that interesting.”

In the light of this interpretive freedom, the grace, imagination and severity of youth endures.

Print sold inside Wombat N°7.